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    About OTT

          On The Trail magazine was created for those who desire to experience pre-1840 Frontier American history in an authentic manner. The world of "living history", in the pre-1840 era, has experienced a great awakening in the past few years. There is a large number of participants of the hobby, or professional field to others, who have moved into a high level of authenticity that had not been witnessed or experienced in previous years. Professional experimental archaeologists, such as Mark A. Baker and others, have encouraged and influenced folks to dig deeper into the substance of their living history persona and do it correctly or authentically. Folks have come to the realization that if one is not presenting their chosen historical time period in a true authentic manner then they are not presenting it at all, they are simply presenting a fallacy. Now while it is understood that everyone who begins participating in the hobby must start somewhere, the idea is that we should not be satisfied staying at a beginners level, which is often a "this will do" level. We need a means of experimenting with the ways of our early American ancestors, trying this and that, until we can truly taste and understand the daily lives of those who lived here before us. Now it is a fact that not everyone is fascinated with this phenomena but I must assume you are or you would not be reading this page! So, for those who had that desire to go further and actually experience the various facets of life on the early frontier, the hobby we call Historical Trekking was born.

          Most people are familiar with Historical Reenacting and Living History but not everyone is familiar with Historical Trekking. Living History, Reenacting, and attending Rendezvous is quite a rewarding experience but those avenues alone cannot offer the on the trail experience one experiences in Historical Trekking. Historical Trekking is what one does when they spend time out "on the trail" in authentic early frontier situations, often in a National Forest or wilderness area, desiring to learn the ways of the early frontier life. This hobby is also often referred to as Experimental Archaeology. By getting out on the trail we are able to leave behind the "rendezvous lore" and comforts of the 20th century. The number of historical trekkers is growing as more and more as people become aware that there is a deeper more authentic way to study and experience the early American frontier life and times.

          Several years ago Rick Edwards, prior to publishing On The Trail magazine, was the author of a regular column titled "The Historical Trekker" which was featured in a well established periodical. However, this publication, like others in the muzzleloading field, covered a very wide spectrum leaving only a small part of the focus on Historical Trekking. Rick received continuous encouragement from his readers to begin publishing his own magazine, one that would be focused entirely on Historical Trekking and Experimental Archaeology. With this encouragement added to Rick's own dream for such a publication, he began publishing On The Trail magazine in 1994.

          While On The Trail magazine is dedicated to Historical Trekking and Experimental Archaeology, it is also the perfect choice for people who may not participate in Historical Trekking but are Historical Reenactors and Living Historians. At On The Trail we have admiration for all of these fine folks who make great efforts in recreating the times of early America so that others can witness an authentic picture of those times past and never allow us to forget the ones who cleared the path before us. OTT magazine is a great source of information for all of these history participants. And for those who are unable to participate in the hobby, but enjoy the adventures of others, and obtaining knowledge of early American history, On The trail is the perfect choice. We strive for true authentic historical information in our articles and it has often been said that OTT magazine is the best publication source available for serious Historical Reenactors, Living Historians, and Historical Trekkers alike.

          Join us in our pages as we travel back in time to an era when the American frontier was wild and free, and men and women could only depend upon their God given strength and ability to survive in a vast wilderness. It was a land that had belonged to the Native Americans but the time had come when two worlds met and they met on the field of battle. In 1754, on American soil, France and England would engage in war, fighting each other long and hard for possession of the New World. Each of these countries would endeavor to persuade the Native Warriors to support their side ~ some chose England and some chose France but they were all only trying to survive. This war, known as the "French & Indian War", would finally end in 1763 with the English taking victory. A short time later on April 19th, 1775 England's thirteen British colonies would rise up and declare war to gain their freedom the American Revolutionary War. There were always great obstacles during America's early times but since the earliest colonists arrived these hearty people kept their eyes turned towards the western frontier. Although sometimes moving more rapidly than others, the early American frontier kept moving. The force that led the way was due to the drive of the frontier people. These were the hunters, trappers, scouts, explorers, and even farmers and their families. They were simply the folks who could not be satisfied remaining in the eastern settlements. They were also folks who could not afford the financial pressures tied to the eastern settlements. They had to go where most would not even consider. And once they had made the frontier somewhat safe and civilized, if you could call it that, those who had stayed safely behind in the east would slowly move west desiring to obtain some of the new rich land they had heard about. This repeated action would push those hearty frontier people further west, moving on, moving with the new frontier. It was not an easy life but it was a life where excitement abounded and the word boredom was seldom heard. Is there a time machine that can carry us back to those days? No. But, there is On The Trail magazine pointing us in the right direction as we endeavor to relive that bygone era. There is On The Trail magazine bringing together the like-minded serious Historical Trekkers and participants of Living history.

          On The Trail magazine was purchased by Jason W. Gatliff, of HistoricalTrekking.com, on October 19th 2000. Jason has been a long supporter of OTT, even having an article published in the magazine. On The Trail will continue to have the same level of articles as it had under Rick Edwards.

          We have subscribers all across the United States, Canada, Australia, England, and Austria. If you are desiring a publication that focuses entirely on your hobby, On The Trail magazine awaits you.

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